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  • Fuel Nanaimo Athlete Wins!

    Congratulations to our athlete Amy Amygdaletsis for coming home in with double wins at the IDFA show this past weekend. Considering this was her first competition she killed it!

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    Let us guide you to ensure you are getting the most effective supplements without any harmful binders, fillers, additives or unwanted side affects! Our educated staff has done the work for you, and we only bring in what we feel is the best in the industry.

  • Thanks for Your Business and Loyalty!

    Our customers are what makes Fuel SVN successful! We want to thank all of our awesome customers for their continued support!

  • For everyone!

    We cater to a wide variety of customers including women, children and seniors! Our goal is to find products that best suit your particular needs.

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    Come in to get motivated! We have the best sport nutrition and health supplements to increase your performance and improve your recovery. Lets us help you achieve your goals today!

  • Ronnie Coleman at Fuel Nanaimo!

    Even the body building legends come to shop at Fuel Nanaimo!

  • Bodybuilders and Competitive Athletes!

    Reach your maximum potential! Our goal is to make sure our athletes are achieving their maximum performance goals while also improving their health.

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